An entire day at the radio station France Musique dedicated to Bertrand Chamayou

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France Musique just can’t get enough of Bertrand Chamayou. The French classical music station has given the pianist free reign across an entire day of programmes on Tuesday 2 October. As Artist in Residence at Radio France, the indefatigable Chamayou will spend the whole day on the airwaves at the Maison de la Radio and other destinations, beginning with the early morning interview and ending with the evening Classic Club live at Hôtel Bedford.

In addition to heavy rotation of his new album, listeners can also look forward to the 8pm broadcast of ‘Chamayou and Friends’, concert recorded last week at the Maison de la Radio, with a broad range of his handpicked guest musicians – Sol Gabetta, Jean-Frédéric Neuberger, Yaron Herman, Francesco Tristano, Antoine Tamestit and the Quatuor Ebène – each and every one of them having played an important part in the pianist’s life since adolescence and Conservatorium days. The concert is a deeply personal portrait of a chamber musician and his most cherished camarades.

Full programme of the Journée Chamayou on France Musique, Tuesday 2 October: